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Comfort Test - It's all about YOU

When you go to the eye doctor, they don't just show you all of their frames and contacts to choose from and then explain vague features and benefits validating why you should pay more right?  


Unfortunately, most retailers like to jump right into telling you all about their products without first understanding what you really need.  At C*BUS Mattress and Furniture, we are appointment based and have the time to truly understand what type of mattress will meet your sleep needs to ensure you don't just like you new bed, you LOVE it!  By Comfort Testing, we will determine your sleep profile and what technology and comfort level will be optimum for you and also will be optimum for your budget.

Without Toppings, an Ice Cream Sundae is pretty boring...

No vanilla ice cream here!  Enhance your new mattress with the accessories that will improve the comfort, support, and durability.  

Sheets -Sometime, using your old sheets can cause your mattress to feel firmer than it did when you selected it in the showroom.  Today's sheets are designed to with deep pockets to fit modern mattresses that range from 6"-18".

Pillows- Fold your pillow in half and if it doesn't spring back, it is worn out.  Having the proper pillow for the type of sleeper that you are will have a big impact on the way your new mattress feels.  If you pillow is too thick, you will increase the pressure on your lower lumbar causing tossing and turning.  Too think and your end up folding your arms underneath to increase the height and relive and tension in the neck. Let us fit you for the correct sized pillow for your new mattress!

Frames - A frame without a center-support rail will void your warranty and cause your mattress to wear out prematurely.  We have affordably options to give your new mattress the support it needs.

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