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Want to raise money for your school or Organization?

C*BUS Mattress is a small, locally owned and operated specialty mattress store in Grandview, OH.  We pride ourselves in being actively involved in Columbus and the surrounding communities and have put together a Fundraising Program to help local schools and organizations raise money for their programs.

Why use a Big Box Mattress Fundraiser company when you can support the local community? We will be here to support your purchase long after the sale. 

Program Overview

-Fundraiser runs for 30 days 

-All sales take place at the C*BUS Mattress Showroom in Grandview

-Unique Facebook Event and Instagram post created to Share and Like to promote the Fundraiser

-Unique Webpage created to share and promote 

-Customers Book appointment at, use unique PROMO CODE to receive special offers with Purchase.

-mattresses will be delivered within 7-10 days of purchase.

-each student receives $$ for each mattress sale they bring in.

-organization receives $$ for each mattress sale

Interested in Fundraising with C*BUS Mattress?

Thanks for submitting!

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