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EvoSleep hybrid mattresses embody the pinnacle of everything we’ve learned about designing mattresses over the past 50+ years. They offer a premier level of comfort for the most discerning mattress shopper who demands the very best that our industry has to offer.


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EvoSleep Hybrid Firm

EvoSleep Hybrid Firm

EvoSleep Hybrid Cushion Firm

EvoSleep Hybrid Cushion Firm

EvoSleep Hybrid Plush

EvoSleep Hybrid Plush

| since 2009|

Hybrid Mattress


Hybrid mattresses combine two or more primary bedding materials from other types of mattresses to create an entirely new type of bed with its own unique feel. The most popular hybrid designs typically combine memory foam with pocketed and nano coils as well as incorporating various other materials in the hybrid bed construction.

Hybrid Mattress Advantages


Unlike beds made entirely of foam, hybrid mattresses deliver all the orthopedic benefits of memory foam comfort layers without feeling like you are sinking.


Hybrid mattresses add just the right amount of bounce to memory foam comfort layers when constructed atop a mattress core made of pocketed coils and/or nano coils


Hybrids made with coils allow airflow into the mattress that helps cool the otherwise heat-retaining memory foam comfort layers.

|since 2009|

The History of Hybrid Mattresses


Around the turn of the millennium, there was a great deal of excitement around memory foam mattresses. People across the country were trading in their spring mattresses for memory foam, and it seemed (at least for awhile) that there was no turning back.

After a few years of owning a pure memory foam mattress, however, it turned out that many people missed the freedom of movement afforded by their older spring mattresses. This left a large segment of the market looking for a product that combined the best of both worlds, which is how the hybrid mattress came to be.

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