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Gel Memory Foam

Gel Lux



Thinking about buying a mattress online?

The internet wants you to believe they have done all of the research and designed the perfect mattress for Everyone.  Seems to be quite the challenge when there are litterally no other product categories out there where a "one size fits all" is the answer. Take bottled water for example: A very simple product that we all need, has 100's of choices from a wide range of manufacturers at the local grocery store. How can there be one mattress to rule them all?  Answer: There isn't. 

We have researched the design of the Top Selling online mattresses and partnered with our suppliers to give our customers a very similar mattress for less than Half of what you would pay online. And you can come to our showroom to try it out!


Encore® hybrid mattresses embody the pinnacle of everything we’ve learned about designing mattresses over the past 50+ years. They offer a premier level of comfort for the most discerning mattress shopper who demands the very best that our industry has to offer.

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