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How I found the perfect mattress and didn't pay retail...

Here is a Great testimonial from a C*BUS Mattress Customer, Erika Robota:

"I was a little skeptical of this place when I first stumbled across it on Google. I found it strange that you had to make an appointment to visit, and I was even MORE skeptical when I arrived to the business address, which was actually a warehouse space converted into a showroom.

CBUS Mattress and Furniture exterior view in Columbus, OH.

However, my skepticism began to wane when Ben (owner and operator of CBUS Mattress) met me at the door and ushered me in for my appointment. Super nice. Well spoken. Knowledgeable about mattresses. Genuinely invested in helping me find a mattress I love. I would totally grab beers with this guy. Very cool dude.

Long story short, I found a mattress I really liked during my appointment, but I wasn't quite ready to buy it on the spot. I wanted to sleep on it first. (pun totally intended) Ben wasn't pushy at all. I did decide to buy the mattress the following day, and I'm very happy I did.

I paid $787 for a queen size mattress, mattress protector, and delivery to my apartment. This is about 50% of what I was quoted at major retailers like Mattress Firm and The Original Mattress Factory for similar products.

Definitely give CBUS Mattress a chance. I know it seems a little unconventional, but it was a great experience and I would tell everyone I know to shop there."

Here is a short video that tells the CBUS Mattress story...


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