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It's All About You

How do you know which mattress is right for you? With so many stores and options, finding a mattress that fits your needs can be overwhelming. At CBUS Mattress, we focus on you and what you need to get a great nights sleep. Let us help you find the most comfortable mattress at a price that's significantly lower than the big box stores!

Why overpay for a mattress?

Appointment Preferred

Nobody likes to overpay for things, especially a mattress. We believe you deserve the best, but the best doesn't have to cost the most.   Since we don't spend money on expensive advertising or elaborate showrooms, we're able to offer you high quality mattresses at reasonable prices.

Just like your favorite restaurant, sometimes it's better to make a RESERVATION! You are extremely busy and don't have time to waste with a salesperson who isn't 100% focused on you.  At CBUS Mattress, we recommend booking personalized appointments so you can be comfortable trying out mattresses without interruptions. Book an appointment that's convenient for you and work with an industry expert who will guide you to selecting the most comfortable mattress for you and your budget.


So here's the deal...

There used to be only one way to buy a mattress and it was not fun.

Imagine commissioned sales people hovering over expensive hard-to-differentiate products...People hate mattress shopping. In response, companies like Sleep Number and Casper ‘revolutionized’ the old mattress buying experience with convenient but still expensive products that let the consumer out of the misery of making a decision and offered them a "one size fits all" mattress as a  solution. There has to be a better way!

 We believe in doing things differently.

We have mattresses of the best quality to fit any budget, no commissioned sales people and at prices much lower than you have seen if you’ve looked around.  


We have customers that spend anywhere between 5 min and 2 hours to make a decision. It’s up to you. It’s easy to get this done!.


So what do you actually want to pay for?


Advertising and high rent or a great mattress that you know will fit you and your sleep needs?

Choose wisely because you can only sleep on one.


Book your appointment today, and let's find you the mattress of your dreams and you can start sleeping on it as soon as tonight!

Live. Sleep. Be Happy.



Grandview Showroom

1475 Delashmut Ave.

Columbus, OH 43212

Dublin/Powell Showroom

1908 Hard Rd

Columbus, OH 43235


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